Tropical spinach smoothie

“Green monster” smoothies made from spinach have become all the rage. I, myself, am a HUGE proponent of them. They’re delicious, satisfy my sweet tooth, and get me a few servings of leafy greens! The other day, I had some ripe bananas I wanted to use up and a bag of spinach in the fridge so I whipped up a green smoothie. I had some mandarin oranges, pineapple, and lime juice too so I threw those all in the blender to create what I’m calling the Tropical Spinach Smoothie. Enjoy!


1/2 ripe banana, frozen

2-3 handfuls of baby spinach

8 oz water

1/2 cup mandarin oranges

1/2 cup pineapple

1 tablespoon lime juice

Throw everything into the blender and voila! Super easy : )

Sometimes I don’t freeze the banana which makes the result more just like a drink rather than an icy smoothie. Either way is quite tasty.

Image: Heavy on Health


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