Top vegan blogs of 2013

I’m addicted to reading blogs. Is anyone else? I could easily spend hours and hours browsing recipes, blog posts, new pictures. Especially when those blogs are about other proud vegan women or yogis! Here are some of my top picks for vegan (or yoga related!) blogs for 2013. Add these to your “must-read” lists!

Allyson @ Manifest Vegan


Happy Go Lucky Vegan


Averie @ Averie Cooks


Caitlin @ The Vegan Chickpea


Maple Spice


What vegan blogs do you love?

Stop breast cancer… go vegan!

Last week, I bragged about how October is all about vegetarians and vegans because its Vegetarian Awareness Month. Well, turns out this month is about something else equally important. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I found an interesting article over at the Sacramento Bee that ties these two awareness initiatives together and it got me thinking… could going vegan really make a difference in stopping breast cancer in its tracks?


Why is a meat-heavy diet not so good?

Animal foods high in fat increase estrogen levels, making cancer cells grow faster. In fact, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, of the famous documentary Forks Over Knives, claims “no chemical carcinogen is nearly so important in causing human cancer as animal protein.”

Why is a plant-based diet better?

A vegan diet (whole grains, legumes, fruits, veggies, soy, all that yummy goodness) is high in phytochemicals, which are known to reduce inflammation in the body and get rid of carcinogens. That’s a pretty big deal when you consider the statistic that vegans are 40% less likely to get cancer than non-vegans. Also, cancer cells struggle to survive in an environment with plenty of oxygen. Eating unprocessed foods and avoiding carcinogens help oxygenate your body and encourage an alkaline balance.  And it helps much more than you think. A Harvard Medical School study of 90,000 women revealed that those who ate the most meat were almost twice as likely to develop breast cancer.

With all of that in mind, start loading your plate with a few more veggies and, if you don’t want to go full out vegan, at least cut back on animal products. Then pin on your pink ribbon and go support all the beautiful breast cancer survivors out there!

Other sources: Natural News

Should Styrofoam be banned?

“America runs on Dunkin” has long been the slogan of Dunkin Donuts, a favorite among many coffee and doughnut lovers. However, is Dunkin Donuts really doing its part to help this country keep on running? A town in Massachusetts says no, as it seeks to stop the use of environmentally damaging Styrofoam cups.

In November, a council in Brookline, Massachusetts will look to ban the use of disposable polystyrene aka Styrofoam. A similar law has already been instated in a nearby town after residents learned how difficult it is to recycle Styrofoam and how styrene has been listed as a possible carcinogen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There is a concern that the styrene  can leak from the container into the food products. Nancy Heller, the town meeting member who brought light to this issue, suggests that there are plenty of alternatives for Dunkin Donuts in particular to take advantage of such as paper cups or reusable mugs.

The Boston City Council President, Steven Murphy, wants to fine restaurants and other retailers who sell food in Styrofoam containers despite business’ pleas that alternative packaging is much more costly. Major cities like San Francisco and Portland have already laid down the law (no pun intended!). I think that it is very socially responsible for cities to say NO to polystyrene packaging. It shows that they care more about health and environmental well-being than increased profits. I have been guilty of chugging down a Dunkin coffee without a second thought as to where that cup will end up… clogging another overflowing landfill.

We should start with these little changes and eventually, they’ll add up to something bigger. So tomorrow morning when you’re bleary-eyed and fumbling for your keys as you race out the door to work, take a second to grab that reusable thermos sitting in the cabinet and take that for your daily Dunkin run. You’ll be doing the Earth a favor : )

And if you’re inspired to take another step towards a less-Styrofoam cluttered planet, head on over to and sign the petition here to encourage Dunkin to say good-bye to their unfriendly cups!


Image: Daily Shot

Happy world vegetarian day!

It is the 1st of October. Which means… it’s World Vegetarian Day!

Today marks the start of Vegetarian Awareness month which runs through the end of October. In honor of the month, I’ll be featuring a different veggie or fruit everyday with some yummy recipes accompanying each. Get excited for tons of new recipes headed your way : )

I’ll also be posting fun facts about vegetarianism throughout the month so keep your eyes out for those. (You can show them to your carnivore friends and help them see why being veg is so terrific!)

Any ideas for vegetables/fruits/grains I should feature??

Check out the veggie month website here!

Extra charges for soy milk another bad move by Starbucks

One of the perks of having a My Starbucks Reward card has always been the free soy milk substitute. As a vegan who used to be addicted to coffee, this was awesome. However, Starbucks has recently announced that this will no longer be the case. Starting October 16, every customer will now have to pay the 40 cent up-charge per serving of non-dairy milk.

Certainly, 40 cents is not going to break the bank. However, it is not the price that is the issue. It’s the concept behind the extra charge. Starbucks is, in a sense, “penalizing” people like vegans or lactose-intolerant customers. The cost of milk is included in the price you pay for a drink so why should soy milk be any different? It seems like a step in the wrong direction for Starbucks with their vegan clientele, particularly after the issue of the company using crushed bugs to color some of the beverages.

Sign the petition to keep soy milk free for rewards customers!

Image: Treehugger | Eater

Sources: Miami New Times

Lea Michele the new face of L’Oreal; what happened to animal rights?

Lea Michele is not known solely for her role as Rachel Berry on the teen drama club TV series Glee. She is also known for her voice in animal rights activism and vegetarianism. Or at least, we thought that’s what she stood for. Lea has recently signed an agreement to be the next face of L’Oreal, behind stars like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

The issue? L’Oreal has decided to enter their products in Chinese markets. To abide by the country’s rules, L’Oreal must test their cosmetics on animals, stripping the company of their cruelty-free “Leaping Bunny” logo. This has animal-rights groups and supporters up in arms. And it doesn’t make too much sense that Lea Michele would agree to be spokesmodel for a company that engages in such practices.

The actress, on her new role, stated, “I’m such a fan of L’Oreal Paris not just for all of their amazing products, but what they stand for”. Is it possible Lea Michele is unaware of the public criticism L’Oreal has been facing in the news? Regardless, it will be interesting to see if she continues to move forward as the new face for the cosmetics company or if she puts her moral stance on animal rights first.

I particularly like what comedian Ricky Gervais had to say on the issue of cosmetics companies in China: “Ethical principles shouldn’t be up for sale. You cannot put a price on morality and compassion…You don’t have to sell your soul in order to be a globally successful cosmetics brand.” He has also applauded companies like Paul Mitchell who have stood strong against the animal testing requirement in China and refused to sell there.

What are your thoughts…should Lea Michele have refused the deal? Do you think L’Oreal should ignore the 16 billion dollar market possibility in China in order to avoid animal cruelty?

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