Study smart at top vegan-friendly colleges

As a college senior, I have experienced the notorious ups and downs of our campus dining hall. While I appreciate their increased efforts to offer healthier food choices, they have not done anything for us vegans! So day after day, I eat salad after salad, raw veggies after raw veggies, fruit after fruit. Don’t get me wrong…all that stuff is delish! But it would be incredible to be able to eat other yummy dishes from time to time. Walking in today and seeing another counter filled with mac & cheese, chicken parmesan, and grilled chicken salad, I started dreaming of another school. A college where there was an entire section of awesome vegan entrees. Which led me to write this post (with the help of PETA) naming a few of the top vegan-friendly colleges:

Northwestern University

Almost half of students select a vegan/vegetarian entree everyday and the university participates in “Meatless Mondays”.

George Washington University

Home to VegFest, a huge festival for veggies to try yummy food and hang out, GWU has a wide assortment of vegan dishes, including vegetarian sushi!

Georgetown University

The school claims they serve over 2100 vegan meals per week. And they offer vegan tortellini soup. Um… yum!

Brown University

Brown offers a “Roots & Shoots” station that has vegan and veg dishes. Also, the university has a separate dining hall, the Ivy Room, that is ALL vegetarian. WOW! (Random fact- Brown has been named the number one college for “happiest students”… coincidence that they’re also super vegan?? : )

American University

American makes its veg dishes from fruits and veggies grown right on campus by the Eco-Sense club. That’s a really cool idea… going vegan and going green at the same time!


Over half of the dishes served at Oberlin’s dining hall are vegan or vegetarian. What’s more is they offer a vegan eating guide on their website to help steer you in the right direction!

After reading this list, where does your college stack up? If you’re one of the lucky ones to be attending a great vegan university, check out PETA’s 2012 contest in search of the most vegan-friendly school in the US and vote for yours!!

Sources: Image | PETA