Extra charges for soy milk another bad move by Starbucks

One of the perks of having a My Starbucks Reward card has always been the free soy milk substitute. As a vegan who used to be addicted to coffee, this was awesome. However, Starbucks has recently announced that this will no longer be the case. Starting October 16, every customer will now have to pay the 40 cent up-charge per serving of non-dairy milk.

Certainly, 40 cents is not going to break the bank. However, it is not the price that is the issue. It’s the concept behind the extra charge. Starbucks is, in a sense, “penalizing” people like vegans or lactose-intolerant customers. The cost of milk is included in the price you pay for a drink so why should soy milk be any different? It seems like a step in the wrong direction for Starbucks with their vegan clientele, particularly after the issue of the company using crushed bugs to color some of the beverages.

Sign the petition to keep soy milk free for rewards customers!

Image: Treehugger | Eater

Sources: Miami New Times